Litelok saves bike in London Bike Shed

Litelok saves bike in London Bike Shed

We were recently contacted through Twitter by a Litelok customer called Dave, to tell us that thieves had broken through two locked doors, gotten past CCTV and a 24 hour fire marshall to try and steal his bike. However, his bike was saved as they couldn’t cut through his Litelok Gold. We reached out to ask him more and this is what he said:

“I live in a high-rise block in an inner-borough of London. It's not really feasible to store our bikes in our flat (not least as there's only one lift and it often breaks! and there's 15 floors to climb...)


We have a communal bike store for the block, which is a large cage with a key-code lock on the door, full of aluminium racks;


To get to the cage, you have to swipe through a locked door in a fence with an RFI key-fob. There's motion-sensitive lights inside the cage and CCTV, and the building has fire-marshalls on duty 24/7. However despite all this, the bike store is beside a main road and visible from the pavement, so I guess it's too much of a temptation for thieves.


I've lived there less than three years, during which the bike store has been broken into four times. The police have never caught anybody. When we moved in, there must have been about 30 bikes in there, but by now it's down to four. :(  We're lucky, we've only had one bike stolen so far (it was chained to the racks, but thieves made short work of the chain)


After the first time, we went to Evans and asked them what they'd recommend as a better lock. They suggested your LiteLok. The price seemed high, but I think it was worth it, as we've not had a bike stolen since.”

Litelok Gold Cut failed attempted

We are really glad that Dave still has his bike, but it is a shame that despite there being a lockdown in place here in the UK, thieves are still flaunting the rules to try and steal bikes. If you would like to know more about how to keep your bike safe at home then read our article where we give tips and advice on stopping thieves taking your bike.