Litelok saves another bike in Central London.

Litelok saves another bike in Central London.

The Litelok team were recently visiting cycling shops in London when we met Long, an employee of a London branch of Evans Cycles. He told us that thieves had tried to steal his bike but failed, because of his Litelok Gold

The attempted theft took place in Nine Elms in Wandsworth, London. Long was going to his local supermarket and locked his bike up in a secure locking facility next to the supermarket. His lock was through the front wheel and around the frame and secured to a bike rail which was cemented to the ground. He was inside the supermarket for an hour, and when he returned he noticed that his Litelok had been damaged. 

“Judging by the mark on my Litelok they might have tried using a bolt cutter or a hacksaw. They made a mess of the green mesh surrounding the lock. They manage to cut, slash and tear the rubber coating surrounding the metal lock but they did not manage to cut or made any mark on the metal part of the lock itself.”

Litelok Gold Failed to cut

Long has been a victim of bike crime numerous times in the past. He has had 4 bikes stolen whilst using D-locks and chain locks. Central London has a high level of bike crime. In 2017, the Met Police received just under 22,000 reports of stolen bikes while the British Transport Police received a further 6,400. 

“I have chosen Litelok because I have tried many type of locks in the past. Litelok was given the best rating and recommendations by its users, hence why I have chosen this lock.”


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