Litelok Giveaway - The Results Are In

Litelok Giveaway - The Results Are In

Last month we ran a massive Litelok giveaway. People got the chance to win a free Litelok. Thank you to all who entered. And now the results are in! We picked three winners at random and they were:

  • James, from the UK
  • Simon, from the Slovak Republic
  • Rokas, from Lithuania

A big congratulations to them! Here's a short review from James about his brand new Litelok:

" Litelok received. Very nicely constructed. I went for a 23mile test ride with attached to my bike and it was great no rattles, and with little weight gain I was still able to tackle a 12% hill, here's me when I got back still with plentiful energy to go! "- James

Litelok Giveaway Winner - James from the UK



Would you like to win a Litelok and more?

We're planning on running more giveaways soon. And they'll be bigger! We intend on collaborating with other cycling brands to offer massive prizes. 

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