The best way to keep your bike safe at University

The best way to keep your bike safe at University

Starting University is exciting. Having the opportunity to move out of home into a place of your own gives you a thrilling sense of freedom. When packing all your essentials, don’t forget that one of the most important items that will help maintain that sense of freedom and offer peace of mind is a bike lock.

Owning a bike as a student is wonderful. It allows you to travel within your new University town or city, whilst exploring your new home.  However, looking at bike crime statistics, many of the places with the highest number of bike thefts are University towns - where large numbers of students cycle every day to get about. It can be very easy to be put off from cycling when you see the crime numbers, but the reality is, you need to be vigilant and invest in a quality bike lock.

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What to look for in a bike lock

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a bike lock is its security rating. Here in the UK, we have Sold Secure who are the leading independent security testing experts. They test bike locks using tools and methods common with bike theft, and will award each bike lock a security rating. This will allow you to compare the security level of different lock brands, as well as different types of lock.

At Litelok we have a full range of locks rated both Sold Secure Gold and Silver. Each offer a high level of security, as well as being flexible, and lighter than other similarly rated bike locks.

We know that every penny matters when you’re a student, and on the face of it, investing in a bike lock may not be your top priority. However, by not spending or buying an inferior lock, you are drastically increasing the chance of your bike being stolen - and replacing it is going to outweigh the cost of a quality bike lock.

Why we think a Litelok is a perfect bike lock for a student

Litelok is light, flexible, and secure. It’s flexibility, gives you more options when securing your bike, so if all the University bike racks are full, you can lock your bike to a lamp post or pole that just wouldn't be possible with a rigid D-lock. Ultimately, you won't have to leave your bike out of sight or somewhere you don't feel comfortable when you dash to your lectures or meet up with new friends. 

With the weight of our Litelok Silver range starting from only 641g, they won’t add unnecessary weight on your University commute. And they’re also wearable, so you’ll be able to ride with it sitting comfortably around your hips, saving room in your University bag. 

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Keeping your bike safe

As well as purchasing a Litelok, we would also recommend these tips to keeping your bike safe.

1. Secure Everything

We strongly recommend that you use your Litelok to secure both your frame and back wheel. There have been many incidents where people have returned to their bike to find wheels missing. Most modern bikes will come with quick release wheels, so it’s worth securing them to ensure they can’t be easily taken. We also recommend removing anything detachable such as clip on lights, bells, or your saddle.

2. Don't leave your bike on campus overnight

No matter how strong your bike lock is, given enough undisturbed time, a thief will be able to steal your bike. During the day there are often lots of people around, so if someone did attempt to steal your bike then they won't have a lot of time as they are likely to be caught. But during the night a thief could potentially have hours of undisturbed time to get through your lock. For an additional cost, we offer Litelok Theft Protection which means we will replace your stolen bike if it was secured with a Litelok (subject to T&Cs). You can read more about it here.

3. Register your bike

It doesn't cost anything to register your bike, and it means that if your bike does get stolen the police will know who the bike belongs to and return it. To register your bike, click here.