How to prevent motorcycle theft while away from home

How to prevent motorcycle theft while away from home

Preventing motorcycle theft should be one of the main priorities for any bike owner. However, there are a lot of riders who will go to extreme lengths to protect their bike at home, yet fail to carry any form of security with them when they go out riding. This is often because the majority of motorcycle security locks are heavy and cumbersome and can be a big inconvenience. We completely understand this, but even the smallest amount of security can drastically reduce the chance of your bike being stolen. So we have put together a list of hassle free tips to help you protect your bike while away from home. 

Litelok Core Moto

Litelok Core Moto securing a bike to a post.

1. Layer Your Security

The more security you have the better. By securing your bike with different security devices, you will drastically lower the risk of your bike being stolen. You may see this as contradictory to our opening statement, but there are ways of doing this without it being an inconvenience. We would recommend starting with a security device that threads through your front wheel or frame and secures your bike to a lamp post or another immovable object. This will stop any opportunistic thieves from quickly lifting your bike and putting it in the back of a van or wheeling it away. Secondly, we would also recommend a disc lock which will stop the bike from moving. Both these security methods used together will make any thief think twice about touching your bike. And thirdly, we would recommend a cover for your bike. Thieves will target high valued bikes, or bikes that attract the eye. If they can’t see the bike, they are more than likely to move on to a different target, rather waste time removing the cover and drawing attention to themselves. 

Taking multiple security devices on a ride with you can understandably be a hassle. So make sure you get locks that are easy to transport, light, and insurance rated so they don’t inconvenience your ride. Our Litelok Core Moto locks are rated Gold by security experts Sold Secure and weigh from just 2.5Kg. This is considerably less than chain locks of the same security rating. Litelok Core Moto locks are designed to be practical, easy to use, and secure.

Litelok Gold Moto Bike

Litelok Gold Moto 108 simply clicks to lock. Allows you to easily secure your bike wherever you are

Buy a lock which is recognised by your insurance

It is always worth checking with your insurance providers when it comes to locks. Certain providers will offer you a reduced rate if you use security locks that have been independently approved. Sold Secure is the UK’s premier testing and certification house for all security products and will award security devices with a classification. When looking to purchase a lock, we recommend buying one that is rated either Motorcycle Gold, or Motorcycle Diamond as these have been proven to offer a high level of security under real life theft conditions. Our Litelok Core Moto locks have been awarded Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold which is ideal for portable security. Some European countries will insist on accreditation by either ART or SRA, which is why it is worth checking with your insurance company first before purchasing a lock.

Lock your bike in a secure location

Always make sure you lock your bike in a secure location. This could be an underground car park with security, or even a place with busy footfall. All security devices are deterrents and determined thieves will be able to get through them if they have enough time. By locking your motorbike in a secure location it drastically reduces the chances of thieves attempting to take your bike.

Litelok Moto Triumph Bike

A beautiful Triumph bike safely secured with a Litelok Gold Moto 108 - Image by Henry Taylor

Make sure your lock is off the ground

It may seem like a good idea to buy long locks as they will give you more options when securing your bikes, but if those locks rest on the floor then it can make it much easier for thieves to break them. The ground acts as an aid for thieves so you want to keep your lock away from it.  One method common amongst bike thieves is strike attacks. This is when the thief hits the lock with a lot of force, sandwiching the lock between their tool and the ground. This applies a lot of pressure to the lock which often ends with it breaking. 

If the thief is using long armed cutters, they are able to lie one of the cutters arms flat across the floor. Then, when the thief applies force, that force is spread evenly through the entire cutter arm, making it easier to cut. If the lock was elevated and the thief placed one arm of the cutter on the floor to help, the cutter would be angled upwards, meaning only a very small corner of the arm was touching the floor. Due to the small amount of surface area that’s in contact with the floor, the force applied is unable to spread, making it a lot more difficult to apply enough force to cut the lock. 

 Vespa Litelok

Litelok Gold Moto 108 - the perfect lock for Motorcycles and Scooters

Mark your bike

This may sound unthinkable to a lot of motorcyclists, but it really can help. If your bike is unfortunately stolen, these markings can help police identify the bike's true owner. Place covert, unremovable stickers on the bodywork of the bike, or you can mark your bike using markers that show under UV light. Thieves will often replace obvious markings such as license plates, meaning that if your bike is recovered by the police and it hasn’t been marked, then it can be incredibly difficult for the police to track you down.