How to Buy The Best Bike Tyres for Commuting

How to Buy The Best Bike Tyres for Commuting

If you regularly commute on your bike, be it for work or leisure, you need to have hardwearing tyres. Why? Well, if cycling is your main mode of transport, you’re likely to cycle in busy urban areas; therefore you’ll need tyres that can endure these tough conditions.

Here you can discover how to buy the best bike tyres for commuting in order to successfully avoid punctures and ensure you have a good grip on the road surface.


Opt for Tyres with no Tread Pattern

A good grip on the road surface is essential. If you choose tyres with a tread pattern then the function of your tyres will be hugely affected. How? Well, a tread puts less rubber in contact with the road, resulting in less of a grip.

If you want the best bike tyres for commuting, opt for no tread pattern to increase the contact patch on the road.

Choose the Correct Width

Ideally, you want to go for tyres with a width that’s between around 140% and 220% of the rim width in order to have the perfect ride.

As an example, a 17mm wide rim will work with 23-37mm tyres. If you go any narrower than this, you’ll experience a harsh ride; not ideal if you’re on your way to work! However a wider tyre could cause it to come off the rim.

Be sure to carefully consider the width of the tyres when shopping. As a general rule, you’ll need to choose a larger tyre width than standard road bicycle tyres in order to maximise comfort and grip, as well as reduce the risk of punctures.

Prioritise Puncture Resistance

It’s important to factor puncture resistance into your buying process. When browsing at tyres, look for designs which include an extra layer of protection within the rubber. This will help protect your tyres from any sharp foreign object that happen to be on the road. Layers made of aramid fibres in particular will add strength to a tyre.

Look for Tyres with Longevity

For regular commuting, you need tyres that will last. Choose tyres that you know will be able to withstand the amount of mileage you cycle. Speak to tyre specialists, read forums and reviews online and speak to fellow cyclists! You’ll soon gauge which tyres are naturally more wear resistant.

You should now be clued up on how to select the best tyres to meet your commuting needs, but what about other accessories?

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