Highlights from The London Bike Show 2017

Litelok Stand - London Bike Show 2017

The London Bike Show 2017 was incredible! There were so many curious people wanting to know more about our bike lock. Thank you to all who visited our stand. It gave us great joy to give you a Litelok to hold, to let you feel and test for yourselves. We did not expect such high levels of enthusiasm for Litelok. We are humbled and invigorated.

The show was a great opportunity to investigate new and innovative cycling brands. Here are some of our favourites:



A cool new bike helmet


Headkayse Stand - London Bike Show 2017

Headkayse One is a new cycling helmet, a game changer for cycling safety due to a material they call Enkayse.

Conventional helmets are made from polystyrene. In a large impact polystyrene deforms to provide what’s known as “sacrificial protection”. This is why you have to be careful not to drop your polystyrene helmet in everyday use, and it’s why manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet after a knock.

Enkayse is designed to work differently. It manages the energy of impacts, so it can retain its integrity after more than one impact, large or small.

Find out more about Headkayse here



Carbon rack and waterproof panniers for road bikes


Tailfin Stand - London Bike Show 2017

Tailfin make ultra-light, quick release bike racks & panniers for almost any road, hybrid, touring or cyclocross bike. Their rack is beautiful and super easy to install, you can attach it without tools in seconds. My words don’t do it justice though, watch their short video, it explains it all.  

Find out more about Tailfin here



Awesome lighting safety for cyclists


Brightsparks are two removable handlebar grips that have ultra-bright headlights and indicators on them. You can easily control the lights and indicators with your thumbs. It has blinkers and projects laser indicators onto the ground either side of you, increasing your perceived size and presence. 

Find out more Brightspark here

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