12 Fancy Dress Costume ideas for you and your bike

12 Fancy Dress Costume ideas for you and your bike

Everyone loves an excuse to go out in fancy dress. Whether it is for Halloween, a birthday party, or part of a charity run/ride, it is fun to be inventive and dress up in an interesting looking costume. But nobody wants to be that person who throws together something last minute made of toilet roll and a permanent marker which will have you scrubbing your skin for hours afterwards. We at Litelok love cycling so thought we would put together some costume ideas for you and your bike so you can stand out from the crowd. 

Pac-man on a bike - fancy dress

Keep yourself motivated by dressing up as Pac-man and having your ghost friends chase you. Then eat a power cookie and chase the ghosts. Remember, fruit gives you more points.


Headless costume on bike. Headless horseman

With Halloween around the corner, you may want to get ahead (pun very much intended) on your competition and replace the horse with a bike and go as the headless cyclist.


Jigsaw from saw fancy dress costume

Sticking with the spooky costumes for Halloween, Jigsaw from the movie ‘SAW’ is always a fan favourite. It's even better if you ride a tiny bike. 


Fancy Dress AT-At star wars costume

We’re big Star Wars fans here at Litelok HQ and so this AT-AT instantly caught our eye. Perfect for the Tandem couple who want to cause a scene around Halloween, Keep those cardboard boxes and be creative this year!


Sticking with the Star Wars theme, why not go all out with the bike customisation? Nothing better than letting your child rock up to school with the best bike in the playground, even if it may take a couple of hours (or weeks) to create.


Elliot from ET fancy dress

If you are looking for costumes for your little ones then this one of Elliott and E.T may go over their heads but it is certain to impress the adults handing out candy this Halloween. 


fancy dress for you and your dog - ET Halloween costume

However, Elliott and E.T doesn't have to be just for kids. Pop your four-legged friend in your basket and have a costume that's an instant winner. You can even get a friend to dress up as the moon if you so wish.


the never ending story costume - 	Atreyu and Falkor costumes

If E.T isn't your thing then why not go as Atreyu with his Luck Dragon Falkor from The Never Ending Story. It does take a bit of time to customise your bicycle into a Luck Dragon but we think it is more than worth it. Even if it does get you a few glances on your morning commute.


Horse bicycle costume

If a Luck Dragon is too much fantasy for you then why not go for something a bit more traditional. This jockey out with horse bike combo will give you a real chance at winning a best fancy dress costume, although don't enter into an actual horse race as you may be disqualified. 


Astronaut costume - with rocket bike

Sticking on the customised bike theme, dress as an astronaut and blow your competition out of this world!


Need costumes for you and all your cycle mad friends? Then why not go as he characters from Mario Kart? We do not recommend throwing shells and bananas at one another though.


dinosaur bike costume

This dinosaur costume is insane! This is for those hardcore costume enthusiasts who want to recreate A Night at the Museum.


Dinosaur on a bike

If the Stegasaurus tandem is too much effort then an inflatable T-Rex on a bike is always a winner. 

All images were taken from Pinterest.

Do you have a cool photo of you and your bike in fancy dress? Then why not send it to us. If we love it we may even add it.