Essential Cycling Gadgets for Bike Commuters

The Best Bike Accessories for Commuting In a time of congestion charges, environmental impact research, endless traffic and countless road rage incidents, cycling to work has never been more appealing. It may seem a dreary thought, but a few great gadgets to put on your bike will definitely make the journey a little bit easier, and safer for both you and those around you.

The Foldable Cycling Helmet

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The ‘Morpher’ is a great gadget to boost bike safety, alongside optimum ease on your commute. The helmet itself folds down to the size of a marker, and will fit comfortably inside your bag, or draw, so there’s no room for excuses when it comes to wearing one!

It has just come onto the market, so if you’re quick, you can grab a discount from Honestly, we’re not sure why nobody has thought of this before.

A Helmet Camera

Unfortunately, road rage incidents and cycling accidents are pretty common, especially on a busy commute. When people are rushing to or from work, it’s easy for tempers to flare, and that’s exactly why a mounted camera is one of the best cycling gadgets for commuters.

There are plenty of compact, easy to use cameras out there such as GoPro, Veho and TomTom to name but a few. It may just be reams of boring, day to day journeys, but on the off chance that you do find yourself in a bit of trouble, it’s a good idea to cover yourself.

A Compact Puncture Repair Kit

Punctures are the bane of the cycling community. Not only do they occur at the worst moments possible (usually during a storm, obviously), but also their timing is atrocious, always catching you when you’re rushing the most.

Thankfully, the community responded, and came up with an easy to carry puncture repair kit that’ll get the job done in the quickest possible way. It’s one of the most essential gadgets to put on your bike, meaning you’ll never get caught short again.

A Coffee Cup Holder

This one is a must have cycling gadget for commuters. It may not be strictly coffee, but let’s face it, it probably is! Not only will the sturdy design mean no nasty spillages, but it won’t affect your steering or gear changes one bit.

Some may say that cycling to work is exhausting, but with the extra caffeine boost, you’ll probably end up with more energy than ever.

A Reliable Bike Lock

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Bike locks can be heavy and hard to store. Plus, thieves are getting much savvier at breaking through tough looking padlocks and chains; thankfully, modern day bike locks have solved the problem.

Products such as Litelok have made storing your bike safer than ever. Not only is it tough, but it’s also flexible, meaning it’s easy to fold down and store when you’re riding. Thieves don’t stand a chance against modern day bike safety, so instead of worrying about the safety of your transportation, you can focus all of your energy on the task at hand.

These are just some of the great cycling accessories for commuting. With so much technology developing every day, we’re sure there’ll be even more to consider this time next year. For now though, if you’d like to read more about improving your commute, or just cycling in general, take a look at some of our blogs below.