Cyclo-Cross: Litelok at Round 8 of the Welsh Cyclo-Cross series in Swansea

Cyclo-Cross: Litelok at Round 8 of the Welsh Cyclo-Cross series in Swansea

Round 8 of the Welsh Cycling Cyclo-Cross series was held by the Gower Riders in Singleton Park, Swansea. The bad weather leading up to the event made for some interesting racing throughout the day. The variety of ages and bikes were amazing to see and everyone involved supported each other. Cyclo-cross is the perfect winter cycling event which is guaranteed to improve your fitness, gain friends, and make winter cycling enjoyable.

Welsh Cycling Cyclo-cross

The twisting and flowing track started to clog with mud due to the terrible weather. The younger age athletes would race a shorter track where the adults in the afternoon would race the full circuit, by this point, it was a mud bath. Many riders found that it was actually easier to pick up their bikes and run through certain parts of the track as it was much easier. 

Litelok Welsh Cycling

We decided to help and support riders as much as possible with bike security and parking at the race HQ. This meant that they could rest or watch the racing without worrying about their bikes. In addition to this, we were also there to show our support to grass-roots racing. Litelok has provided Welsh Cycling with an affiliate link which will mean that 20 per cent of the value of sales of locks to Welsh Cycling members will be directly utilised to benefit grassroots cycling in Wales. A vital component to the success of the sport across the nation.

Swansea Cyclo Cross

Our Brand Ambassador Lewis Bradley also decided to take part in his first-ever cyclo-cross race. He said

“It was tough but also amazing to be a part of one of the best grassroots events in wales, the organisation was fantastic and everyone was super supportive throughout the day”

We highly recommend cyclo-cross racing to everyone. The amount of support on offer by Welsh Cycling is great and it has a great community feel. It is a great way to help children stay active throughout the winter whilst still enjoying themselves on their bike. 

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We hope to see you at the next Welsh Cyclo-cross race. Do come and say hello!

Litelok at Welsh Cycling event

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