Christmas Shopping: Cool Cycling Gifts

Christmas Shopping: Cool Cycling Gifts

With less than 100 sleeps to go until Santa Claus is coming to town, there’s no time like the present to start shopping for Christmas gifts.

As a cyclist yourself, you’ll no doubt have friends or family members who are cyclists too. So what can you buy them for Christmas? If you need gift inspiration then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can discover cool cycling gifts that will go down a treat.

Smartphone Bike Mount

The beauty of this accessory is that it’s compatible with Apple and Android, so whether you’re buying for someone who has an iPhone or a Samsung, the smartphone bike mount is perfect.

This is the ultimate gift for anyone who uses their phone a lot whilst cycling. If they want to use Google Maps, take an action shot selfie or use apps, such as Strava Cycling, they can do so safely.

A smartphone bike mount can be easily clamped onto your handlebars so riders can effortlessly access apps while on the move, without having to juggle a smartphone in their hand or come to a complete stop!

Do your favourite cycling friend a favour and gift them with a savvy smartphone bike mount this Christmas. Once they have one, they won’t be able to live without it!

360 Degree Camera

A 360 degree camera is a cyclist’s best friend; the two become inseparable! Once your cycling buddy receives this gift, they won’t be able to ride without it.

This must-have gadget will further enhance their cycling adventures, capturing hours of action on film. They’ll want to push themselves further so they can watch it all back later! There’s nothing that motivates a cyclist more than them seeing themselves master a nose wheelie or jump.

If you’re after a cool cycling gift, you’ve well and truly struck gold with a 360 degree camera.

Bicycle Lock

A bicycle lock is an absolute must-have accessory for any cyclist. You wouldn’t dream of leaving your car unlocked, would you? Well, you should feel the same way about your bike. Especially as it’s far easier to steal a bike than it is a car!

If your friend doesn’t already have a bike lock then it’s well worth buying them one for Christmas. In fact, you’d better get one on your Christmas list too! However, even if your bike buddy does have a bike lock, is it practical to carry around?

The last thing any cyclist wants is to be lugging around a heavy bike lock in their rucksack! Cycling uphill is enough of a struggle, right? When choosing a lock for your bike, opt for a lock that’s secure but doesn’t weigh a tonne.

Our lightweight bicycle locks are sturdy locks that will effectively protect your bike from being stolen. Browse our range today and find the right style and colour to gift your friend with this Christmas.