Bike Thief Tries to Cut Through Litelok But Fails

It was Mother’s Day. George* had spent the afternoon with his mum in a pub near Waterloo in London. He cycled there, locking up his bike nearby, securing it with a Litelok bicycle lock to a standard Sheffield bike stand.

After the pub George returned to the bike stand, only to find his bike gone. His Litelok remained, still locked to the bike stand, clearly battered but not broken nor cut. What had happened?

The bike thief had tried to cut through his Litelok but then gave up. Frustrated, the bike thief then cut through the carbon frame instead!

Although a sad ending, it gave George (and us) great satisfaction in knowing that the bike thief had to destroy the frame in order to steal the bike.

If you’re reading this Mr. Bike Thief, we hope you weren’t able to sell George’s broken bicycle, and that you wasted an afternoon.

* (not his real name, changed at his request)

Litelok bike lock survives

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