10 Amazing Bike Accessories that are made in France

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Each year, France holds the oldest, and arguably the greatest, cycling race in the world. So you’d like to think they know a thing or two about cycling. After searching the web we can tell you they certainly don’t disappoint as they are responsible for many amazing, innovative cycling gadgets and accessories. Here are our 10 favourites that are 100% made in France.

1 - Baramind handlebar

Baramind was founded in 2010 after winning several innovation awards. The handlebars are specially engineered to absorb shocks and smooth out vibrations. It increases your riding comfort and biking control especially on damaged roads and rough paths. Three versions are available to fit on different types of bikes (City, Trek, MTB). The handlebars are made in France close to Nantes.

Starting at 69,00 €

2 - Leather saddle by Berthoud

Gilles Berthoud has a very large choice of bike saddles for men and women that can be adapted to your morphology and type of bicycle. These saddles combine both aesthetics and comfort and are made with thick full grain leather, selected for its resistance and visual aspect. Gilles Berthoud Saddles are handmade in their French workshop.

Starting at 136,00 €

3 - The black bottle holder by Beau Vélo

If you like wine, and you like cycling, you’re going to love this handcrafted bottle holder, made with authentic French leather. It is the perfect union of function and beauty, adding style and charm, without distorting the clean line of your bike frame. You can finally ride to a party with your bottle of wine like a real Parisian.

45,83 €

4 - Bakkie saddle bag

This is the perfect waterproof saddlebag that can be adapted to carry anything you want on your bike. Designed and made in France with long lasting materials, this multifunctional saddlebag helps you carry around bulky items and will even allow you to tow your child’s bike if he gets tired.

 95,00 €

5 - Leather helmet by Egide

Egide has created luxury helmets that combine security, comfort and style. Made from leather, these helmets can be used for cycling or for riding a horse. They are designed in Paris and then handmade in Nantes and Cholet. You can finally think of your bike helmet as a fashion accessory!

280,00 €

6 - Leather Wraps by Beau Vélo

Give your bike a major transformation with this unique INCA style leather wrap. The wrap perfectly fits the frame of your bike and for the full leather look you can also get your bike some beautiful matching leather grips. Beau Vélo’s accessories are custom designed in France.

45,00 € 

7 - Fulap Rain protection by SPAD de Ville

Fulap is useful bike-friendly rain protection. It protects your legs, knees and back without flapping in the wind, allowing great freedom of movement. Its large reflective prints on the back and each side give you maximum security while riding in the dark. SPAD accessories are made in Grenoble.

64,99 €

8 - Handlebar bag by Gilles Berthoud

A high-quality handlebar bag, made from hessian and leather. It’s the perfect saddlebag for a cycling tourist who wants to bring the essentials along: a map, food and tools just in case!

192,00 €

9 - Poupoupidou Skirt Clip for Bicycle

Created, designed and manufactured in Nantes, Poupoupidou is a small accessory used to keep your skirt from flying about on your cycling trips. No need to change clothes anymore, and a lot safer than holding your handlebar with only one hand…


10 - The Reversible Bike Vest by Vasimimile

To ride your bike safely at night, a yellow safety vest with reflective prints is essential, it gives you a lot more visibility to cars. Vasimimile re-invented your typical yellow safety vest and turned it into a fashionable and funky accessory, perfect for those who don’t want to choose between aesthetics and cycling!


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