Tips to Protect Your Bike from Theft

Bike theft is a common crime so it’s important that you do everything you can to prevent your bike from being stolen. In an interview, a former bike thief recently revealed his tips on how you can protect your bike from theft. Here you can discover these trusty tips and find out if your bike could be at risk of being pinched.

All Bikes Need Locks, Particularly if They are High-Performing

If your bike flaunts a big household name and is high-performing then your bike is a target. In fact, these bikes were described by the ex-thief as “golds” due to them being valuable quick sales. A high-performing bike needs to be locked up at all times, no matter how quickly you think you’ll nip into the shop.

D-Bars and Chains Can be Broken

According to the once bike thief, 42-inch high toughened foldable bolt cutters would cut through any D-bar or chain. So, if you have either of these bike locks, your bike could very well be a goner.

D-bars with tubular locks are ones you should particularly avoid. The former bike thief admitted that these locks are the easiest to pick with a little tool and to passers-by, it could look as though the thief is trying to unlock your lock, rather than steal it.

Chains are a No-No

The former thief insists that these are too easy to snip. Also, if your bike lock can be moved then a thief will be able to get bolt cutters around it without difficulty.

CCTV Cameras are not Always Effective

Granted, there will be thieves who will be put off if there is a CCTV camera in sight. However, this isn’t always enough to scare off a dedicated robber. The ex-thief confessed that they were not worried about security or people because if anything did happen to go wrong, they’d just leave.

Whilst a CCTV camera is a good deterrent to many thieves, it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to protecting your bike.

SmartWater is the Way Forward

Be sure to spray your bike with this traceable liquid. The ex-bike thief believes that spraying your bike with this product is an accurate way of protecting your bike.

Choose Super Secure Bike Locks

It’s essential that every bike has a lock, no matter how safe you consider your neighbourhood to be. When choosing a bike lock, there are various factors you need to bear in mind to ensure that you opt for one that’s high-quality.

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