The Best Electric Bikes

The Best Electric Bikes

The beauty of an electric bike is that it offers plenty of fun without you having to break a sweat. What does this mean? If you fancy cycling to the office to get a bit of exercise then you can do so without arriving there drenched in sweat. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? Here you can discover the best electric bikes on the market.

B’Twin Bebike 900

An electric bike for under a grand is pretty decent, particularly when it comes with Shimano Nexus 7 speed gearing like the B-Twin Bebike 900. With a 36-volt battery, the motor on this bike is extremely powerful so you can effortlessly cycle from A to B.

The B’Twin Bebike 900 has a Dutch-style aluminium frame, making it corrosion resistant as well as more durable generally. The bike features a Shimano progressive roller-brake at the rear and a powerful V-brake at the front so you can stop with ease.

If you’re looking for a basic buy that won’t dent your bank balance too much, the B’Twin Bebike is ideal.

Kalkhoff Endeavour S11 Premium

This bike might seem steep at a whopping £3,000, however this baby will go faster up hills in comparison to a carbon road bike, which costs around the same price for a decent one.

The Kalkoff Endeavour S11 Premium is one of the most powerful models available in the UK so if you’re looking to ride like the wind, this bike is your best bet. With a 350 watt motor and assistance up to 28mph, you’ll certainly go places with this electric bike.

The battery is able to provide up to 50 miles of assisted pedalling, so your daily commutes on the Kalkoff Endeavour S11 Premium will be a breeze, unless you plan on covering an epic cycling route to and from work!

This electric bike is fast, safe and well-equipped, making it one of the best electric bikes on the market.

GreenEdge CS2

This electric bike is something special. Why? Well, it looks like a regular mountain bike, but it is in fact an electric bike with a range of up to 35 miles per charge. Plus it has the components of the costlier models, such as an LED dash and variable assist levels, so at £750 you can’t fault the GreenEdge CS2.

The GreenEdge CS is reliable with its 36V 9aH lithium Samsung battery as well as front and rear disc brakes, plus it provides a truly comfortable ride.

This lightweight model is an electric bike that you won’t want to pass up on if you’re looking for a model that’s affordable but efficient.

Whoosh Petite

They say the best things come in small packages and the Whoosh Petite is just that. This beautiful bike caters to smaller riders, so if you’re between 4ft 10 and 5ft 6 then this bike was made for you. And at £649, you can’t go wrong.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Whoosh Petite, it has a top speed of 15mph, 7 speed Shimano gearing and even without pedal assist, it can provide 30-36 miles of range on flat roads.

The Whoosh Petite comes with a rack, mudguards, lights and bell so it’ll be hard to resist this bargain buy.

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