Top Tips for Choosing a Good Bike Lock

With a shocking amount of bikes stolen on a daily basis in the UK, you’d be a fool not to use a bike lock. So, if you haven’t already got one then you know what they say, there’s no time like the present. The question is, how do you choose a good quality bike lock? Here you can find out.

Don’t Choose the Cheapest One

As tempting as it might be to buy the cheapest lock on the shelf, it’s probably not the best idea. Why? Well, whilst a cheap lock is better than no lock at all, you get what you pay for.

A cheap lock will be flimsy, therefore it will be nothing more than a visual deterrent. So, if someone fancies the look of your bike, they’ll have no problem breaking the lock and cycling off with it. 

Look for a Lock That’s Easy to Use

The last thing you want to do when you arrive at a destination is to fumble around with a lock for ages. You want a lock that you can use without difficulty.

If you buy any old lock and come to realise that you need more than a pair of hands to use it, chances are you won’t bother to lock your bike at all. Be sure to carefully choose a lock that you can use without the assistance of others. This way, you’ll use the lock every time you go out with your bike!

Opt for Weatherproof

This goes without saying. The weather in the UK is pretty grim, and whilst that doesn’t stop you from going out on your bike, it can mean bad news for your lock if it isn’t weatherproof.

Rain can cause a lock to rust, which can cause damage to the key barrel. This will then make the lock more susceptible to theft. When choosing a good bike lock, try and find one that is weather resistant.

Consider a Lock That’s Light but Secure

The heavier the lock, the more weight you have to lug around. After all, a bike lock is something that you should have on you at all times, and if it’s heavy then you’ll require more pedalling effort.

However, you don’t want to purchase a lock that’s flimsy. So, be sure to choose a lock that is super secure, yet doesn’t weigh a tonne. You don’t want to feel like you’re cycling around with the kitchen sink now, do you?

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