The UK’s Worst Bike Theft Hotspots

The UK’s Worst Bike Theft Hotspots

Sadly, bike theft is something that is a worry of every cyclist. There are some places which can be seen to be safer than others, while certain locations are notorious bike theft hotspots. If you’re looking to make sure that you’re not leaving your bike in a prime location for it to be stolen, then here are some of the worst places for bike theft in the UK:


Almost unsurprisingly, London is one of the most popular places in the UK for bikes to be stolen. Between 2008 and 2013 there were over 107,000 bikes stolen from the capital city, many of these happening near train stations which again is unsurprising due to the volume of bikes located here. Public locations and attractions are also bike theft hotspots, with the British Museum having five bikes being reported stolen from the same location in the last six months alone!

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Hackney was noted as being the worst of the London boroughs for bike theft, with 1,349 bikes reported stolen in 2014. July was the worst month, with an average of five bikes being stolen from this borough every day.

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Thames Valley

In the same period of time, Thames Valley Police reported that they had just over 31,000 bikes reported stolen. Two locations within their district are the cause for such high bike theft statistics, these are Reading and Maidenhead train stations. In fact, Reading train station is the second worst place to store your bike in the UK, with 255 bicycles stolen from here in 2015 alone. Following this, Slough and Oxford are two of the most bike-theft affected areas in this district.


Compared to its population, Cambridge is statistically one of the worst places to keep your bike in the UK. In 2015 for example, there were 297 bikes stolen from Cambridge Station making it statistically the worst individual hotspot, but it’s only a minor player compared to the number of bikes stolen across the UK.

British Transport Police

Following the trend that is becoming obvious above, you may have guessed that one of the most common places for bike theft is around train stations – a location where bicycles are often left unattended for hours. The statistics from the British Transport Police show that they see more bike thefts per year than every city in the UK.


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It may be well known as the home of Raleigh, but it is also a notorious bike theft hotspot. In the last 12 months there have been nearly 4,000 bikes stolen from this city. While that may pale in comparison with London statistics, it’s represents around 4% of the bikes stolen around the country in 2015. That makes up a big chunk of bike theft statistics


If you don’t want to have your bike stolen, then you should be very careful about where you keep it in Manchester. The worst affected areas are the University buildings and the shopping area, taking up 10% of all bike thefts within the city. The last six months alone has seen 300 bike thefts within a mile of the city centre with less than 10% of these crimes resulting in a positive outcome.

Check your Local Area

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Want to find out if there is a bike theft hotspot near you? Avoid being another statistic by checking online today with these two handy tools:

Stolen Bikes Mapping

Police Data or Find Your Neighbourhood

Taking steps to keep your bike out of harm’s way is only ever going to be positive, but you also need to make sure that you’re properly securing your bike.