Best Outdoor Exercises for Getting Fit & Losing Weight in 2016

Following our previous post looking at whether the gym or cycling is best for weight loss, we thought we’d open up some more options and find out which outdoor activities should be on this list. After all, losing weight should be fun and there are so many more options out there than simply cycling – but are they the best exercise for weight loss?

Whether your New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight or if you simply want to know the best fat burning exercises, we have you covered here. Again, we’ll be looking at calories burned by an average 70kg person.


Hiking for weight loss is a great idea, as it is similar to walking in that anyone can do it although you do take on some tougher routes. How does this change the amount of calories burned? Well, for a start you’re looking at around 223 calories every half hour with this increasing on more difficult and challenging routes. This is a great activity for getting fit and losing weight, but you will have to make sure that you’re venturing out regularly.


One of the most fun, leisurely outdoor activities you can spontaneously get involved in is Frisbee. This is fun for all the family and there are plenty of ways that you can play this game. However, you will notice that you’re very rarely puffing for breath and sweating buckets when tossing a disc back and forth (unless you’re playing ultimate Frisbee, but that’s a different story). So, how many calories do you burn? Roughly 112 in the space of half an hour – that’s better than sitting in front of a TV, but it won’t help you slim down for the summer.



Another seemingly mild outdoor activity, you may be surprised to find that you can burn somewhere in the region of 186 calories every half hour you kayak. Granted, if you paddle harder or sit back and take it easy then this figure is going to drastically alter – you’ll also find that it is much harder work going upstream than downstream.


Going for a stroll is a great way to be active, as it can be done anywhere by anyone. If you maintain a reasonable pace of about 4mph, then you could be burning around 167 calories every half hour. That’s enough to see a difference when it comes to weighing in, but you will need to sure that you’re regularly going for walks as well as monitoring your diet.


You can’t burn that many calories playing golf, right? Wrong! Half an hour of golfing and carrying your clubs from hole to hole could burn off as many as 205 calories every 30 minutes. So, next time you go out for your 18 holes think about just how much fat you’re burning – that’s an extra bacon sarnie in the club house.



Everyone knows that swimming is a brilliant form of exercise and that it is one of the best low-impact activities that you can do to assist weight loss. But just how many calories are you likely to burn doing laps of your local pool? Expect a pretty impressive 223 calories every half hour – that’s nearly an entire burger after an hour splashing around in the pool!

Road Cycling vs Mountain Biking

Ah, the battle of the best but which one will take the crown for most calories burned? Interestingly, this depends more on time spent on the bike than which bike you’re actually on. For example, giving 75% maximum effort on either bike would burn the same amount of calories (around 500 calories every half hour). Granted, it is much more difficult to maintain this high effort on a mountain bike as you face twists, turns, obstacles and downhills but as a road bike is more efficient, it can be easy to step off the gas a bit on long climbs. 

Changing this up with bursts of power and sustained bouts of 90% intensity will see even greater calories being burned making both these sports the best outdoor activities for weight loss. In fact, half an hour on a bike is better for you than an hour of many other activities!